Feds, rioters fax in another session

Last night's protest action was pretty much a replay of the night before. It seemed as though close to a couple of thousand people attended, and the night ended up the same as the previous one had. So let's just list what was different:

1.  Ted Wheeler wasn't there.

2.  It took the crazies two hours of garbage fires, large fireworks, lasers, and climbing the temporary security fence around the courthouse to get the federal occupiers to come storming out. (The night before, that was accomplished in about 20 minutes.)

3. The fence was fortified with some concrete barricades, which kept it upright while under attack. That hadn't happened since the fence first appeared over the weekend.

4.  It seemed like more people stayed later for the crapshow.

5.  The feds used so much tear gas that at one point there was an actual tear gas tornado rolling down the street. 

Trump must own stock in a tear gas company. The feds in Portland just can't stop tossing the stuff. A crew from KOIN found canisters for four different types of tear gas in one spot on the sidewalk. It's so excessive, you'd think Chad and the boys would have to file an environmental impact statement (only half kidding).

6.  The Portland police were nowhere to be seen.

7.  A number of the demonstrators complained that the message of the protests was drifting away from Black lives mattering.

That was pretty much it for new wrinkles, that I saw and heard on my screen anyway. The moms and dads were there, and I saw a short interview with a nice old white-haired grandpa who drove down from Olympia with a leaf blower.

Here's Third and Salmon, a little before 2. The feds were shooting pepper balls, rubber bullets, or whatever, pretty liberally, in a northerly direction (to the right) on Third at this point.

About 15 minutes later, they went back into the courthouse on the Second Avenue side, but only long enough for a short break. The protesters weren't done with them. Here you can kinda see the Trump army way in the back, marching back into the courthouse, which is on the right.

By the way, look at the courthouse. It was built after the Oklahoma City bombing. There is zero, I repeat zero, chance of the structure ever being set on fire from the street. Even if you got into the lobby, I doubt you could torch the place. It is a fortress.

Anyway, if this lackluster account does not spark joy, maybe you'll find one last tidbit amusing: The "unique" city commissioner Chloe Eudaly is going to fine the feds because the security fence is blocking a bike lane. As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.