Trump's fake army issues double-dog dare

Last night the kids "protesting" in downtown Portland knocked down and moved around all the fencing that the city had placed around Lownsdale Square Park, because it was "closed for repairs." The demonstrators at various points were using segments of the fences to their own advantage, as barricades. So what did the federal paramilitary boys spend all day today doing?

It doesn't take a crowd control expert to know that this will be perceived by the rowdier protesters as a provocation. (Although it would be nice if the feds had some crowd control expertise, which they certainly don't seem to.) Another Saturday night, another bloody mess can be expected down there.

UPDATE, July 19:


  1. I mean, who in their right mind puts up a portable fence to exclude so-called 'rioting vandals'?

    Who indeed....

  2. Nice summary of the stakes:


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