A month back in the blogosphere

It's been a month since I resumed blogging. I was tired of giving content to Facebook and not knowing where it was going. And so I cranked up a new blog, the one now before you, on the Blogger platform.

Blogger is where I started way back in July of '02, but it was so clunky at the time that I abandoned it after a while. Nowadays it's owned by Google, and it's much slicker. Even if you don't want to spend a lot of time learning all of its tricks, you can get your own site up and running pretty easily. And you get way more control than in the olden times.

If you're thinking about hopping off Facebook at some point, you might want to get on Blogger and start posting now. You can post links to all your blog entries on Facebook as they're published. Trust me, your friends will come over. Maybe eventually they'll place a bookmark on their browser and start visiting even when they're not alerted to do so by Facebook.

And seriously, we should all be thinking about a world without Facebook. Mark Z., the FB Overlord, is not a nice man. He's making a lot of money off hate and lies, among other things, like selling your life to the highest bidder. His own ethicists are calling him out, and advertisers are having second thoughts. He isn't going to change his ways. And now that we have all established and re-established contact with each other, we can stay in touch without him. It takes some work, but not a lot. 

So blog. You never know what might happen.

The first month of bojack2.com has seen thousands of page views – nothing like in the heyday of the first blog, but still a lot of people. Thanks to everyone who's come over here, and especially those who've sent other people in this direction. It is good to be with you all.


  1. I say welcome back. I haven't been paying enough attention to the financial stuff here in Portland. For example, is it true that PDX is in the middle of a 2 billion dollar upgrade? What are they doing? Paving the runways with gold?

  2. Great to find you again after all these years. Now how about an update on the "I have to get a bus to Sandy" scammer guy?


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