You've been warned

My post of yesterday about the inebriated Oregon man who was charged with indecent exposure on a commercial jet flight prompted the automated censors at Blogger, the Google-powered platform that I use to compose this blog, to warn all readers that my site contains potentially offensive content. I have deleted the word that the artificial brain might have been triggered by, and perhaps that will change the robotic fake mind of Google about the need for that warning.

But sheesh. I have been using Blogger for more than four years now – it's got conveniences for me, albeit little or no privacy for you – and I had no idea that my every word was being checked for naughtiness by the almighty Google. If you had to click past the adult content warning to get here, my apologies.

Over the last several weeks, the Google 'bots have been telling me that I have been getting thousands of page views a week from China. I don't know what that's all about, either, but it isn't a great testament to Google's ability to count actual readers. Meanwhile, Facebook's 'bots are telling me from time to time that they know I'm somehow using false pretenses on that social media site to get traffic here. 

Yes, artificial intelligence will be the death of us all. In the meantime, we soldier on.

UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: I found a switch in the Blogger settings and turned it off. With any luck, that is the end of that. 


  1. I for one am so happy the big tech companies are protecting us from dangerous information. If people could easily read your article about the guy relieving himself in the airplane aisle, then everyone who flies would just start taking care of business in the aisle. Why bother going to the restroom and waiting in line.

  2. I got the warning; I steeled myself for the depravity and pressed on . . . Oh the humanity!
    Is that Tipper Gore up there?

  3. Oh the humanity! Just ignore the man behind the curtain, I am the great and powerful GOZ

  4. Glad you are back! I couldn’t get past the warning ‼️

  5. I got the warning too. Thought it was some error.

  6. As Frank Zappa said later of Tipper & Co at that congressional hearing (he appeared for free speech) "The Mothers of Prevention Shall Not Rule"


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