Another booby prize for Buckman

We've all been watching in stunned disbelief as the Multnomah County commission chair and district attorney work to undermine the state legislature's repeal of the utterly misguided street drug decriminalization law, Measure 110. The dynamic duo are going to set up another homeless day spa, and the police will be instructed to drop any arrested drug addicts off at the site and drive away. There will be no consequences if the addicts don't check in for cleanup, and wander off instead.

The two absurd politicians cooking this up – Jessica Chevy Vega and Mikey Schmidt – were doing so without any involvement of, or consultation with, the district attorney-elect, Nathan Vasquez, although supposedly that's going to change.

Anyway, guess which neighborhood has been selected for the drop-ff location. I'll give you three guesses, although you shouldn't need more than one.

That's right, Buckman! The inner southeast Portland neighborhood with not one but two methadone clinics, and the dumping ground for every other type of high-impact social service facility you can imagine.

Do you think the neighborhood association was consulted on Jessie and Mikey's latest plan, or did they find out from the media? Ha! Ha! You must be new here.

In testimony before the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners today, Susan Lindsay, co-chair of the Buckman Community Association, said she had been contacted by Hayden Miller, senior policy adviser to Vega Pederson, who told her that the center was coming to the Buckman neighborhood

“I have some concerns,” Lindsay said. “There was no on-the-ground involvement from anyone in the neighborhood. There’s no benefit to a neighborhood that is thriving, and trying to thrive despite a lot of challenges, to simply moving addicts from one part of the city to another and just dropping them off.”

It's been going on for decades. Buckman gets screwed again.

Why don't these things ever get located in Dunthorpe, Council Crest, or Bridlemile? Or the Pearl District seems like a good choice.

About the only good thing to come of this is the chuckle I got when I saw what's got the kids at the Weed the most concerned about this. It's because the site of new "drop-off" facility –

is kitty-corner from Soho House, the hipster-posh, membership-only social club and fitness center that opened in Portland after establishing locations in London, Paris, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. It’s also close to upscale sports bar Jackie’s, as well as the old Lolo Pass Hotel, which Central City Concern bought in February for a residential drug treatment center.

That's what you they get for investing money in Portland, folks. A pigsty next door. It's not a bug, it's a feature.


  1. As you said Buckman has been getting screwed for decades! And it ain’t over yet!
    Now that Chevy Vega lives in the SW Portland heights it all makes perfect sense…right?

  2. We hear about this stuff because reporters in the local media regurgitated a press release.
    God, I wish there was a journalist in the area.

  3. Fun factoid: 2/3 of the folks in that Buckman neighborhood voted for JVP - the highest JVP share in the entire county.

    1. This commenter is insightful. It’s the perfect place for it.

    2. "Vote for stupid people, win stupid prizes" seems to apply here...


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