Strike a pose

When it comes to entertainment value, nothing beats Portland election porn. Today our mail carrier dropped off several tasty instant classics.

At the top of the heap, there's this one from Multnomah County Commission candidate Jessie Burke, who reminds us that this election cycle, we have a clear choice. The choice is between Vogue and Elle.

I'm still going to vote for her, but for a minute there I almost bought a shirt and a sun hat. I can't believe she thought the glam thing was a smart move.

Next up, former Mayor Creepy brags that if he beats Burke at the polls, he'll take us all back to the wonderful days of the Mean Girls.

What, was Diane Linn not available? Remember the arts tax, folks. Heck, remember the leaf tax. Even the Weed, which couldn't seem to get enough of Sammy Boy for going on 30 years, is endorsing someone else.

Meanwhile, Maxine Dexter, who's running against Sister Sushi for Congress, spent some of her large campaign war chest on a pretty conventional flyer:

Dexter's got my enthusiastic vote over her sinister opponent. By me, the doctor is in.


  1. I get it is a taboo topic where few will say out loud what many think, but I would want confirmation she follows facts and science. Jayapal came to my front door and chose to walk away rather than defend her stance on supporting loss of women's protection in title IX. I hope Dexter's statements are code for common sense. Meiran is also an ED doc but captured by the gender cult. Never in my life did I imagine the left would be the ones to take away fundamental rights of women.

    1. Trust the science is always about closing your mind to any challenge to the narrative- brought to you by Pfizer...

  2. ^ LOL.

    I support Meieran because she isn’t a total bum & actively materially malign, which, in Portland, is about all you can hope for?

    Getting rid of Adams & the Katz pet project bunch…good luck!
    Much like Feinstein’s staffers, we’ll *never* get rid of them even if they drag a living corpse like Feinstein & Biden across the finish line until the next slug can be appointed by your Newsom’s or Koteks of the world on the D side. (Not that the R death cult is viable, either.)

    As to any culture war stuff or trying to patch up title 9 that doesn’t cover sports in our various universities that are some combo of unpaid sports franchise, military industrial tech feeder, land grant agribusiness feeder, more about prestige & attracting wealthy fail-kids i foreigners/retail paying students than merit &/or real state scam &/or all of the above that maybe happens to teach classes, coincidentally (apart from the business school or poli-Sci that’s made up/a degree for babies) on the sinking ship that is academia with a life-boat morality by now, anyway, idk what to tell anyone at this late date gender or not?

  3. Ballot came today. Filled out the ballot. Put it in the mail. Moving on to fun things for a month or so.

  4. I did my civic duty by immediately chucking them all in the recycling bin.

  5. Politics aside, it is much easier on the eyes and more readable than most campaign spam, as seen in the other two examples. Good for her.

  6. I use to have the hots for Diane Linn in high school.


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