Shake me, wake me

Readers here know I've been indulging heavily in election porn the last few weeks. I've gotten into it even deeper than the kids at the Weed. But now the flyers are coming in too hot and heavy, as in a nightmare. The haunting images won't stop. Can't... unsee...

Clearly I've overdosed. Does anybody have a canister of schlox-a-lone on them? 


  1. When election season rolls around, I pine for the days when the news media had journalists. I get tired of reporters rewriting press releases form candidates.

  2. It’s almost like choosing which worm-infested hardtack biscuit you want to eat from a barrel full of them. There are no good ones, just various degrees of rot.

  3. Well overdoses are a big deal around here, no reason we can't all get a taste of that action.

  4. I do think I might vote yes on the flood control measure, though I wonder how the improvements will hold up when the big one hits. Pretty hard no on the rest of the money measures, though, sadly, I know the sheeple will vote for them. It's a sad day when our choices for so many offices are the least worse candidate.


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