Same old? No thanks.

The campaign come-ons keep a-comin'. This one was dropped off on the front porch by parties unknown yesterday:

I look at this and think, "Is this a person who's going to kick the county chair's butt and make her start listening to competent people?" Doesn't seem like it. Singleton looks a lot like more of the same. "Housing first." Not a single word about accountability for drug-related crime. The tent addicts are the victims; we need to "lift" them "up."

But I didn't have to mull this over too long, because when I flipped the flyer over, who's there right at the tippy top? My worthless state senator, champion of hard street drug decriminalization and enemy of the single-family home.

"Move the needle"? Some choice of words, dude. I think you meant "hand out the needles."

Lew Frederick? Case closed. We'll probably get a few of these types on the City Council, but we can stop putting them on the county commission. I'm voting for Burke.


  1. Mike's TV ad barrage of late trying to link Nathan Vasquez to drumpf & "right wing donors" with "connections to the Proud Boys" are just comical.

    In the recent KGW debate, Mikey described Vasquez as "a good guy"...I guess that message didn't filter down to the campaign.

    Didn't Vasquez used to work for Mikey before he decided to run for DA?

    Can you say "desperation"? I thought you could...

  2. All adult male conservatives 80 years of age or more should consider running for elected political offices.

    Reason is, most of our old girlfriends and old female coworkers the Libs might find to lodge complaints about our past behaviors
    are either dead or they can't remember our names.

  3. ^avg. male lifespan isn’t even 80, anymore, &, by virtue of our food, wealth distribution & most better off boomers being handed the gravy falling off the post war carcass they didn’t have to work or fight for, if they’re 80, they’re going to be total conservative shits.

    Only ~10 more years to put up with them…
    …if there’s enough of the world left to bother salvaging by then….

    1. Oh, I could tell you why The ocean's near the shore.
      I could think of things I never thunk before.
      And then I'd sit, and think some more.
      I would not be just a nothin' my head all full of stuffin'
      My heart all full of pain.
      I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry,
      If I only had a brain

      -- The Scarecrow

  4. The verbiage on these flyers is so funny, but also so incredibly disingenuous. This candidate knows "where we're failing." Well, why didn't you step in and do something? Make your voice heard? If you got fired, you know you'll get a nice parachute pay-out. Kind of like Mikey's statement how he was SO for the changes to measure 110.

  5. The campaign porn is instuling to voters. The thing that’s really sad, is it often works.

  6. Well at least they know what we are most concerned about, so some progress. I guess the pronouns and men in ladies pumps is passé.


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