Nothing to see here. There never is.

Well, the Bourbongate criminal investigation is over, after a year and change. And golly, Grandma, nobody committed any crimes! So although some people lost their sweet gigs, no one will be charged with even a misdemeanor. And now we'll never know which other high-ups in state government got to score collector bourbons at rock-bottom prices. No arms twisted, nobody sings in public. 

The official report is here. It compiles one excuse after another for letting the boys and girls get away with what they did without prosecution. And no names are mentioned – that wouldn't be Portland Polite. But at least it's good for a chuckle.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum on Monday announced the conclusion of the investigation, which started in February 2023, in a letter to Gov. Tina Kotek....“It is critical that Oregonians have trust in our state agencies, their leaders and employees,” Rosenblum said in a statement. “I am pleased with the thoroughness of the investigation and the professionalism demonstrated by our DOJ team.”

The ethics commission will now have a crack at the case, and they can impose civil fines, but let's face it, that group is pretty toothless. And faithful to the official motto of Oregon government: Noli labefactare scapham.

I wish the IRS would jump in in cases like this. The employees in question may have underreported their income. But the revenue types have bigger fish to fry on other fronts, I guess.

And so, folks, on rolls the OLCC, keeping the Beaver State broke and bombed since 1933. If you think everything's on the up-and-up with that outfit, you must not be drinking enough.


  1. so, i’d like to know where you got the notion that it would be any different this time. :)

  2. Once upon a time the fourth estate would expose and campaign against corruption. Which would cause elected law enforcement officials to investigate and bring charges against the “alleged”. Of course, “once upon a time” was probably the wrong phrase to use when I started the post. My bad.

  3. They've been able to cover up the Michael Franke murder for decades, so not surprising unfortunately that this much less corruption is allowed.

  4. The "scandal" served its purpose. Kitzhaber loyalist removed, nothing further to investigate. Certainly not into the bribery scheme OLCC was running on state legislators using access to rare high value/high Desiree liquor. Would explain part of why OLCC seemed so comfortable building a new palace at the same time as WA's version was being dismantled, besides that they feed a good chunk into the state of Oregon's revenue addiction.


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