Grasping at straws

We got some more election porn in the mail today, including a gaslight special from Multnomah County's feckless district attorney, Mikey Schmidt. Since Mikey sees he can't win re-election against his opponent, Nathan Vasquez, his strategy clearly is to run against Donald Trump.

For the record, Vasquez used to be a Republican but left that party when it was taken over by Orange Caligula and his MAGA goons. And if you start looking into where the candidates get their campaign money, I'm sure you'll find extremists funding Mikey, too – just extremists on the other side.

The Schmidtters are determined to turn this into a Democrat-vs.-Republican race, when by law it's a nonpartisan election. That's just sleazy.

This mailer is so desperate, so misleading, so slimy that it alone is reason vote against Schmidt. But of course, drive around Portland and you will see many, many other reasons.


  1. A wise political consultant once told me that not much has changed when partisans run out of substantive material.

  2. I'm sure the Pioneer Square Courthouse Starbucks wished we'd embrace some broken-windows policing theory right about now.

  3. Playing the Trump card in this town, just might work. Get ready to be disappointed.

  4. That flyer has such an unflattering photo of Vasquez - almost as bad as the ones you find of Chevy Vega. I noticed in the coverage of the PSU occupation, when Mikey's in the background, his beard is turning quite grey. Maybe the Vasquez folks could return the ugly photo favor.

  5. 1990s? New York? Giuliani policies? All a plus for me. Wish Biden would also go back to those 1990 policies he supported then.

  6. "Our District Attorney is supposed to keep us safe..."

    Well then Mike Schmidt has utterly and spectacularly failed at the core job responsibility that his own campaign is enumerating here.

    Go ahead and walk the 4 blocks of SW 3rd from Voodoo Doughnuts to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Old Town and tell me how safe you feel.

    Take a trip up NE 33rd next to the airport and tell me how safe that feels.

    Or, maybe a drive out SE Powell Blvd around 70th or so where the frontage roads are. Or along the 405 right-of-way on SW 13th. Or any number of places that are too numerous to mention here.

    If the District Attorney is supposed to be keeping "us" safe, then he's doing a spectacularly terrible job of it for all values of "us" - including the homeless and drug addicted among us.


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