Bitchtucci's election guide is out

A Portlander named Marissa Yang Bertucci has been writing for years, just before each election, about how she's voting. I strongly disagree with her politics, but I admire anybody who takes that kind of time. I lost track of her guide when she moved it, but I just now found her May 2024 edition, which I think just came out this week. It's here. It's pretty interesting to see how a Portlandian lefty thinks, but please, vote the other way on just about everything.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see where the print media lands on this one.

  2. "Jayapal served Multnomah County as a Commissioner, where she was not perfect. Though she consistently demonstrates solid political values, a willingness to listen attentively, and thoughtfulness and consideration on complex topics, she does not have a great track record of actually writing and enacting legislation. If elected, I would hope that she and her staff hit the ground running and learn to operationalize change efficiently and prolifically, frankly."


    I'd like to show that I'm incompetent at actually finishing tasks and doing the job and still have people willing to promote me to a job with far more responsibility that centers around the thing I've shown full incompetence at doing - turning talk into action.

    Couldn't even skim past this nonsense, because all credibility has been lost.

  3. It does have some entertainment value but not enough to want to visit regularly.

  4. If she thinks a statement "non-vote" for Biden will get the message across to Democrats and forge a new, progressive future, she is sadly mistaken. Hopefully she and her contemporaries will realize that it's better to get a little with the hope of more progress down the road than nothing again, ever.

    1. These are the deplorables of the left. If D's can't scrape them off of their shoes quickly they will run the party.

  5. I guess good for her for putting her choices out there…but wow. It’s like she chose every candidate that would further ruin Portland/Multnomah County.

  6. It's childish reach to use local elections to solve the most recent middle east conflict, but I suppose a bitch can dream.


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