"Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?"

Our mail carrier can't stop bringing us election porn featuring Sister Sushi. Today we got our fourth – fourth! – mailer on how terrible she's been as a county commissioner. They've quoted Steve Duin so many times now, they should be sending him royalties.

To try to cancel this out, Sushi's gang sent us this lovely mailer featuring her and some of my fellow oldies. It looks like they're at Milo's Cafe on Broadway. The ad is bleating about Medicare for All, but the folks she's talking to are already on Medicare, no question.

It's funny that Sushi's nursing a glass of water, while the other three have nothing at all to eat or drink. I'm not sure what the message is with that. Maybe she's going to multiply the loaves and fishes or something. The guy with the beard may have had some coffee, next to the hot sauce. He looks kinda blissed out, while the other two look like they may be waiting to use the rest room.

Only a week more of the election porn. I'm going to miss it.


  1. Fact-eez, we don't need no stinking Fact-eez.


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