And down the stretch they come

It was kind of a slow news day yesterday, but the merry mail carrier dropped off some more election porn to keep us occupied. With less than a week to go, it's reaching new levels of absurdity:

I also got an unsolicited text from Mike Schmidt, reminding me that his opponent is a "former Republican." Oh so scary, Mikey!

And then there's Maxine Dexter, looking as doctorish as she possibly can.

That gaze into the distance is pretty funny. Obviously, she 's deep in thought.

I guess I'd better dig out my ballot and get it posted. But once they see you've voted, the mailers stop. And you can't beat them for entertainment.


  1. A "worthy successor to Blumenauer" doesn't seem like too high a bar to reach. Thus the look up and the smirk...

  2. Don't worry, you'll still get mailers. Takes several days to flush out the system, so you should be good until election day.

  3. I can confirm that one still receives mailers after voting, having done so the day my ballot arrived a couple of weeks ago, and having received .255 metric tons of cardstock attack ads since.


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