The slant

Here's a funny moment in the race for Multnomah County district attorney. The boys at the Weed are debunking the ads! Don't be fooled, they say. We have "the truth"! So step right up and read it. No paywall!

Let's see now, we'll debunk Vasquez's ads first, and hard. Then we'll debunk Mikey's ads, sorta, if anyone's still with us, and soft. "Vasquez, who has had a concealed carry license, owns a 9 mm handgun, a rifle and a shotgun." "It’s true, Schmidt is indeed a Democrat—and Vasquez isn’t." So hard-hitting.

A classic Weed April piece. Trying to look vaguely both-sidesy, but helping their preferred candidate as best they can. This one's not up to the "Eileen-Brady-wasn't-really-a-founder" bit, which set the gold standard for this type of writing, but it's close.

That said, I doubt it's gonna save their sweet boy. Maybe he and Tera Hurst can write cannabis reviews for them next year.


  1. Anybody defending Mikey needs to try a few sleepovers at a "campsite". And while they're enjoying their stay, leave their car out downtown for a few days.

  2. Mikey has a lot of fellow traveler friends in the local media. They’ll help him where they can. I don’t like him. But, I’ve looked at the political demographics in Portlandia.


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