Portland church ladies are a little different

I must admit, this story snagged my attention for a while: A Portland woman who went by the Snapchat name Night Church was busted selling drugs to teenagers in Lake Oswego out of her Tesla. And her kids were in the car, in their carseats, the whole time! 

According to the cops, Mom had been doing this for quite a while. Maximum Maxine at the O has the lowdown:

When Yue Zhang Rotbart was arrested on May 23, 2023, in Lake Grove, her Tesla was filled with drugs and alcohol, police said.

Grocery bags of psilocybin mushrooms, cases of White Claw Hard Seltzer and bottles of cotton candy-flavored vodka were found among rolled marijuana cigarettes, hash oil and strawberry- and green apple-flavored vape cartridges in the Tesla, the records showed.

Her children, ages 2 and 4, were riding in car seats in the back seat, their feet dangling above cases of hard seltzer, police said....

Inside the car, police also found nearly 300 bags of marijuana, more than 60 flavored marijuana extract cartridges, bags with pre-rolled marijuana joints, bindles of butane hash oil, sandwich bags containing psilocybin mushrooms, nicotine vape cartridges, sweet-flavored cigarettes and fruit-flavored alcohol. The trunk was filled with grocery bags containing marijuana brownies, marijuana seeds and psilocybin mushrooms, according to police. They also found a valid Oregon medical marijuana card in Rotbart’s name, according to the reports. 

Although the bust went down last spring, somehow the story got overlooked until yesterday. Rotbart pleaded guilty a couple of months ago. Here's an old mugshot from back in the day when the public was allowed to see what the criminals looked like.

But despite the tabloid appeal of the details of her case, don't overlook the wimpy sentence she got: 20 days! For selling weed, and probably mushrooms and booze, to teenagers! This is law and order in Oregon. God help us. 

They say the new drug recriminalization law will make things tougher on the dealers. I'll believe it when I see it.


  1. I hear you only get busted if you get in the way of the big boys. Cartels don't need no trunk trash getting a piece of the action.

    1. I dunno. In Lake O, it's kinda like Andy and Barney.

    2. Sounds like she got a get out of jail free card via the old state law(s). I can’t imagine that even today the charges would be that much harsher though. It’s how we roll here.

      I can only imagine that the local LO cops would had chosen to lock her up and thrown away the key for a very long time. She was only saved by the nitwits in Salem according to the article.

      She obviously didn’t think her business plan out very well though, as it seemed like a ‘high risk, low rewards’ kind of a venture. Some people just never grow up apparently......

  2. My rabbit ears tell me that intell exists that locates the suppliers for the local dealers.

    Hope the rumors are correct.

    1. Yeah, but will anybody do anything? The cops are as scared as the rest of us.

    2. Vigilantes might be a cure.

  3. What’s kind of crazy about this story is it wasn’t only LO, she was making sales/deliveries in Gresham, NoPo, NE, Tigard, Beaverton…all over the metro area.

  4. This is Portland Oregon. I would not be surprised if the parents of the kids who were buying from this low life Tesla driver, were arrested for not supplying their children with their drugs of choice, instead making them go buy them on the street.


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