On the market

I was leafing through my April Hollywood Star News over breakfast, and was startled to see this on page 3:

I sure hope somebody steps up and keeps that publication going. To be sure, it's not the hardest-hitting journalistic outlet in the world. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a pure "shopper" with nothing but ads and 10 being the New York Times, I'd give it about a 3. The headlines are blockbusters like "Laurelhurst Friends Work Parties Begin" and "Keep Cats – and Birds – Protected This Spring."

But it's important to those of us who find it in our mailboxes every month. I've read about several significant neighborhood news developments for the first time in the Star News, and it's always enlightening to see which local businesses are willing to spend a few advertising bucks locally. The columnists rarely ruffle any feathers, but they write about North and Northeast Portland with a pretty sharp eye to go with the warm heart.

It would be a real shame if the Star News bit the dust. I hope somebody makes Ms. DeHart an offer she won't refuse.


  1. Although it isn't for sale, the _NW Examiner_ (Allan Classen, prop) has been muckraking for NW Portland, the Pearl District and Goose Hollow since 1986.

    Classen is fearless...a lone voice against the pablum peddled behind the Paywall of Pity, WWeek and the not-even-enough-utility-as-birdcage-liner Mercury. Check it out!

    1. Allan Classen is easily one of the most important and under rated journalists in our city. He doesn't give two craps about ruffling feathers, exposing rotten deals, and naming names. He breaks bigger stories than The Oregonian or Willyweak and never gets syndicated or awards. His entire coverage of ESCO and air pollution for example. A legend.

      Though in other ways NW Examiner is barely above Street Roots in format and esoteric poetry.

  2. I lived across from Janet Goetze in my youth, and both her and her husband worked for either The Journal or The Oregonian. I was friends with her step-son, and she still writes for The Hollywood Reporter as far as I know. I told her that she easily has to be Portlands longest- lasting journalist.

    1. I mean Star News. Wrong town.


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