On the fringe

I see that my grumpy old congressman, Earl the Pearl Blumenauer, voted against aid to Israel. One of only 37 Democrats in the House to do so. What a piece of work that guy is. 

And the hideous Jayapal sister from Seattle was also a "no" vote. For the love of God, we don't need two of them. Please vote for Dexter.


  1. It’s embarrassing that the “piece of work” has so many sycophants in his district.

  2. I'm 100% against furthering destroying America to keep the war profiteers flush with our money. Aid to Israel is one of the chief ways they bribe and control congress- the money comes right back into their pockets.

    If you know the spending spree will pass, then you are free to do a protest vote. Earl plays that game pretty good.

  3. Interesting bifurcation - over $9 billion in aid to the Palestinians along with military $$ for Israel. Should have made the military money a "loan" like a portion of the Ukraine money. A messy dance, the only real winners are the arms merchants.

    1. Funding both sides. Follow the money to see who benefits.

      The loan will never be paid back. More money flushed down to a conflict that can't be won and isn't our fight in the first place.

  4. You're on the wrong side, Jack. You can oppose Hamas without supporting the slaughter —yes, genocide even — in Gaza. Imagine facing this kind of retaliation for whatever Trump might do if he is reelected.

  5. Seems like a no-brainer given the constituency/tendency to have chaotic protests here & that Earl is retiring/not one of the scalps the awful Israel lobby can get for a ‘no’ vote & it’s going to pass, anyway?

    I can’t see how this hurts anyone at all?


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