Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart

The O has a piece up today on the two Democrats who are competing for the Oregon House representing a big chunk of southeast Portland. Given the one-party-rule situation in this part of the world, whoever wins the current primary essentially wins the seat.

The turf involved is District 46, the district currently represented by that hideous Khanh Pham. She's the way, way out lefty who's all for the tent junkies' having a "right to rest" anywhere they choose to shoot up. The two candidates to succeed Pham (who, gag me, is probably going to move up to the Senate) are a public defender named Willy Chotzen and a retired county health bureaucrat named Mary Lou Hennrich.

They both seem pretty awful, but Pham wants Chotzen, who's got a definite Mike Schmidt vibe to him. And that's enough for me to say, hold your nose and vote for Hennrich. Then pray.


  1. Can we write your name in?

    1. Heh heh, no. I don't live in that district.

    2. Thanks for helping me decide to vote for Willy! Came up when I was googling about deciding between the two of them and this was a concise and fun read (even though my voting result is opposite to your intention).


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