Distress signal

Here's a tough one to process. Rebecca Kilgore, a world-class jazz singer who calls Portland home, is in decline and needs long-term care. The cost of that can be absolutely devastating, and her husband's started up a GoFundMe campaign, here.

I'll leave it to somebody else to figure out how much difference it will make in the quality of care she gets. Maybe the Oregon Health Plan rules get involved, and they're way beyond my pay grade. I think the bottom line is, the nursing home gets everything. But if gifts from friends make it even a little bit better for Becky, it's worth it.

Kilgore has been a fabulous musician of great intelligence, wit, and taste to go with a pure, pure voice. I'm sorry to hear that she is fading from the scene, and I hope that her days can be peaceful and dignified. She deserves much respect and appreciation.


  1. Aw gee. She’s a treasure. A wonderful singer and sweet person.


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