Day shift


I see that the Portland police, with some help from state troopers and Gresham cops, busted some of the street takeover crowd over the weekend. Twice, they busted them. Confiscated their rides, too.

I'm sure this has something to do with the appointment of Bob Day to be the new police chief. All of a sudden, the PoPo are actually doing something once in a while. They're even busting drug dealers every now and then these days. Day's predecessor, Chuck Love, never did any of this. He'd go on TV and tell you that he didn't have enough people, and besides, arresting people is dangerous.

Of course, the far-left harpies of Portlandia can't wait to get their claws into Day. He's a white male career cop who wants to, you know, enforce some laws. The kids at the Merc and the middle-aged version of the Merc now being presented by OPB, really hate that. Not me. I say right on and good luck, Bob Day.


  1. My rabbit ears detect an effort to go after the suppliers of the drug dealer’s with enthusiasm.

  2. Probably the only good decision to EVER come Wheeler.

  3. The "campers" are not the only crowd with mental health issues. The far lefties have really serious and delusional ideas about how the world works. A world where if everybody is just left alone (except for all the free stuff to live on) then we will all just get along and behave ourselves.

  4. Does my memory fail me? I thought not that long ago, December maybe, Gov Tina decreed that Oregon State Troopers be reassigned to help the City of Potland and her Democrat in good standing mayor, Wheeler. If she had not re-allocated state funds to one city I don't think Chief Day's effectiveness in fighting crime would be much different than Chief Love.

    And never forget this is an election year. Whatever positive thing Democrats in office are doing currently for taxpaying and law abiding citizens are only to create a positive illusion. Everything will change after November 2024. Because their ideologies that created the dysfunction have not changed.

    1. Chief Love didn't want to do anything, with state troopers or without.

  5. Impounding the cars as evidence to await trial or plea bargain may be the strongest discouragement to street racing that the city can inflict. "Drive like a jerk, walk to work."

  6. I just wish we could dispose of the Affluent boomer loud Harley riding trash mean-mugging on the weekends/bikers for trump with some slick metal plates, or the big dozer blade like the beginning of the old Italian Job film?

    Crush & Melt down those bikes!


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