A happy hour three-fer

Oh, those wicked Friday afternoon releases of information that the powers that be don't want you to see. This past TGIF afternoon, we had at least three stories dumped out for minimum visibility. One was the revelation that Multnomah County chair Jessica Chevy-Vega's stranglehold on the county commission agenda is illegal, at least according to a prominent Portland law firm. I wrote about that one here.

Then Governor T. Kohoutek dropped several thousands of pages of email messages that had been written by her staffers who have recently jumped ship. To no one's surprise, they were all sick of dealing with the governor's wife, who's now been elevated to a prominent role in the office, with a well-paid gofer to boot. The minions would rather quit than play along (although at least one landing has been mighty soft).

At just about the same moment, it was announced that the spurious state bar complaint against Multnomah County district attorney candidate Nathan Vasquez was dismissed. Backers of his nemesis, the feckless incumbent Mikey Schmidt, accused Vasquez of wrongfully accusing some guy of murder when in fact he's just a prime suspect at this point. But Vasquez never named the guy, and so the state bar quickly ruled that the story Vasquez put in the voter's pamphlet, which may very well be true, didn't violate any disciplinary rules. Meanwhile, the dueling bar complaint against Mikey, for alleged misconduct in the course of advising the governor about which convicts to spring from prison early, remains pending.

That's three, on a single Friday afternoon. Now it's Monday. Read all about it. As the kids say, ICYMI.


  1. On a lighter note. Twice in the last week, Someone defecated on the entry welcome mat to a business I run. The employees are sure it’s from the derelict RV parked next to the building. Now the employees want to move the business out of town. Can’t say I blame them.

    1. Perhaps move the RV out of town. Or at least off a steep slope.

    2. That’s not very welcoming. At least in the conventional sense. Maybe it is some kind of ritual from a bygone era? From a perspective of privilege, it would be wrong for us to judge.

    3. Unfortunately, the concept of street justice would get me in trouble

  2. Ah yes, the bar complaint filed by your colleague Prof. Kaplan! Seems like you could have put that part in there.

  3. Nepotism, what could go wrong?


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