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Wow, one of the exotic dancers at Mary's Club is running for mayor of Portland. Her stage name is Viva Las Vegas, but officially she's Liv Osthus (pronounced LEEV AHS-tis). Sophie, Child of the Weed, sums up the 49-year-old's career so far, as follows:

She’s well known in the Portland arts world as an outspoken sex workers’ advocate as well as a published author, writer and musician. After graduating from Williams College in 1997, she moved to Portland to pursue her music career, and soon after began stripping. She’s been dancing ever since, often on the stage at Mary’s Club.

Osthus has written a memoir, starred in a documentary, and was the subject of a locally staged opera. Before any of that, she graced the cover of of WW in 1997, when she and an anti-smut crusader came into the newspaper’s office to debate sex work—a novel argument at the time.

With "rank choice" voting, I get to rate Osthus somewhere on the spectrum of candidates. So far she's coming in second. For me, it's Gonzalez or bust, so to speak.


  1. Pictures or it didn't happen

  2. Anybody other than folks feeding off the public trough. At least she has to bust a move for her booty.

    1. No doubt has the best booty in a race full of them.

  3. Can’t be worse than Char-lie, Udaley, Mayor Creepy Sam…etc etc

  4. A 49 year old dancer? Well I guess the logical choice would be a move into the mayor’s office before things go South. I am awaiting the customary Portland politician’s word salad position statement from her. It will be ‘interesting’ to say the least.

  5. Her ONLY serious opposition are Mapps & Rubio. Mapps is out of money & will be force to drop out. Rubio is A Eudaly/Hardest clone…hardly qualified to be the dog catcher. I can hardly wait for the polling that will show her close behind Gonzales & far ahead of Rubio.

    The WWeek wing of the Portland DSA will be trying to gather up what’s left of their brains after their heads have collectively exploded.

    Mapps will be toast by then…headed back to the PSU Urban School and a hefty bump in taxpayer-funded salary. Experience you know…

  6. How is this worse than Bud Clark? There's actually something appealing about this candidacy. Expose yourself to art...

  7. Considering the new mayoral position is going to be about 95% ceremonial, she may be a good pick.


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