Peacock pâté

Well, the hoopsters of St. Peter's University didn't get anywhere in the national collegiate men's basketball tournament. The feisty Peacocks were mowed down by the giants from Tennessee, 83–49, the other day. At halftime the score was 46–20 in favor of the Volunteers.

This is what usually happens to the one team from the Metro Atlantic Conference that makes it to "March Madness." But not always.

The fantastic play of the Peter's team in its league tournament was a sight to see, and the faithful in Jersey City are proud, as they have a right to be. Wait 'til next year.

Meanwhile, I did study one semester at Yale, if that counts for anything, and they scored a major upset over Auburn yesterday. Their glass slipper will be on display again tomorrow, against San Diego State. You never know.


  1. Just read that the University of Idaho band filled in for the Yale band in Spokane. Even had Yale shirts!

    1. Too bad a clone of Elnardo Webster was not available to play for St. Peters!

    2. They are working on that in Gannon Hall.

    3. It was a game try. Go Ducks!


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