Peacock season

It's that time of year again. My alma mater, Saint Peter's U., is in its conference men's basketball tournament in Atlantic City. They're supposed to have been knocked out by now. But that's them in the blue uniforms...

The mighty Peacocks go again this evening their time (late afternoon mine) in the finals. Against Farfield, to whom they lost a pair during the regular season. The average margin of victory in the last five games of the tourney has been less than 4 points. St. Peter's won each of its games by 2; Fairfield won each of its games by 5. The final could be a barn-burner. Winner goes to the "Big Dance."


  1. St. Peters don't ya call me cause I can't come....

    1. I owe my soul to the company scum?

    2. Home of Elnardo Webster, if I remember correctly.

  2. It looks like the P-Cocks are possibly going to have a shot at the Ducks in that bottom bracket! Can't wait for that one....


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