Gatsby's big scores

Here's an amusing web post that I missed when it came out earlier this year. It's someone wondering how members of Congress can be allowed to play individual stocks in the market. And documenting what a killing some of them are making, which is a very bad look.

And look who's right up there near the top! Readers of this blog know: It's Saint Ron Wyden. Number 6 out of 535. Good eatin'!


  1. Blumenthal and saint Nancy aren’t far behind

  2. Isn't Ron Wyden's son, Adam, a private investment broker. What I mean by private is that he has his own business - ADW Capital.

    Things that make you go "hmmmm?"

    1. My understanding is that Adam us a super-wealthy Master of the Universe type.

  3. We're all waiting for his press release on the binding UN Cease Fire resolution... The last mention was like 7 years ago.


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