A master blogger packs it in

Bill Harbaugh, the University of Oregon economics professor who has kept the university administration in the glaring spotlight (and usually, on the spot) with his sharp-witted, muckraking blog UO Matters, retired on Friday. It's a tough development for the blogosphere, to which he has contributed for something like 17 years, with something like 7 million page views. 

The suits down in Eugene deserve needling, and the good professor has been poking them relentlessly. That he kept his job while doing so is astounding. The faculty down there is unionized; I'm sure that has something to do with it.

Anyway, best wishes to him in his next chapter, on Orcas Island apparently.


  1. Getting out of Oregon.

    Salute 🫡

  2. He will be missed!

  3. I have to believe that he knew an invisible warrior or two that occasionally fed him bits of info. Hope they surface and continue the needling.

  4. Bill has a great blog. Really enjoyed his persistence in going after things. It does appear the blog will keep going at least, with both his sorting and others!


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