Who's paying for this?

Not the name of some organization. The money ultimately comes from individuals. What person or persons are funding this nonsense? 

“We're seeing really good results,” said Tera Hurst, executive director for Health Justice Recovery Alliance.

I've written about Hurst here. She has no qualifications to tell anyone how to treat addiction. She's a political hack.

A Google search reveals that Hurst has run unsuccessfully for the Portland City Council, and headed up something called Renew Oregon, but her real claim to fame is that she was "chief of staff" (dear God, the pretension) for one of city's worst-ever mayors, Char-Lie Hales.

Who is paying her mortgage to keep peddling overdose enablement? Inquiring minds want to know. 


  1. I check Oregon Secretary of State and the "Oregon Health Justice Recovery Alliance" isn't registered in Oregon. That's the org name Tera Hurst registered with as a Lobbyist though. The only other org she's previously registered with was "Renew Oregon Action Fund" which dissolved in 2022. So, does this actually exist as an incorporated entity? It's not uncommon for people to "overlook" those steps.

    But where did this org get it's money? Their name is pretty nondescript and it shows up in a couple different grant funding organizations - like I found one from the Ford Foundation but I think it's misattributed to this group. There's another grant from The Just Trust (https://www.thejusttrust.org/c3-grantees) which show "Health Justice Recovery Alliance." This money comes from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, i.e., Mark Zuckerberg & his wife.

    If it's not them, it's probably George Soros. Open Society Foundation has one of their pillars as drug reform. But then again, Soros money is so ubiquitous among the left that it's likely 8 steps removed through grants, sub grants, special programs, etc. They claim they've spent $300 million over 3 decades.

    Or, they've gotten money from all 3 of these organizations. If you're good at grant writing you apply for a lot of grants, and I bet wow it sounds good on paper what this group is doing.

  2. It’s good to see someone else calling out Hurst for what she is: a total hack. Measure 110 is one of the most damaging things that has ever happened in Oregon. It must be fully repealed, and drug offenders held accountable.

  3. Portland seems to be full of political hacks.

  4. She's used most of the available nouns.

  5. Jeff Eager wrote about this extensively. He answered your question. https://oregonroundup.substack.com/p/just-what-is-an-hjra-anyway?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=100664&post_id=141446875&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=true&r=39w4a&utm_medium=email


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