Take it from her

For years, the New York Times told the world how groovy Portland was. They loved it.

They still do, apparently – even Fentanyl Zombie Portland 2024. Today they wheeled out a "harm reduction" queen and former addict named Maia Szalavitz to tell us all that golly, Measure 110 just needs more time, and it would be a real tragedy if we told the junkies they can no longer use out in the open on the street. Anybody who thinks the situation in Portland is bad is just fear mongering.

The whole, ridiculous diatribe is here, if you want a good laugh.

Are you tired of being an experiment for some precious self-proclaimed experts in New York? I know I am. If Maia Szalavitz wants to watch drugs being legalized somewhere, she needs to take her spiel to Albany. That's Albany, New York.


  1. This is where the Libertarians and Liberals come together and agree that you have a right to kill yourself because you know, freedom and all. I think children should be raised this way- just do what you want and maybe you'll make it to adulthood without serious harm.

  2. Isn’t that the “Darwin Theroy”?

  3. Delusional. It’s amazing her coworkers don’t notice.

  4. I love how she presents the absolute fact that we are 50% worse off than the national average, starting immediately after the passage of M110, but it's working!

    Why does she think it's working? How much damage do we have to endure while the years crank off the calendar? How many people need to overdose and die before the pendulum swings in the direction we want it to?

    If you want to get out of a hole, STOP DIGGING.


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