Status report

Duke Ellington passed away a long time ago.

Prince left us a while back.

Stevie Wonder is pretty much retired.

But Jon Batiste is back out on the road as of tonight. And make no mistake, he's on fire.


  1. The near future of music will be ruled by a new queen. If you haven't discovered her yet Angelina Jordan is already a superstar with 10 years of stunningly amazing performances of covers and originals for you to see. You may have heard her without knowing it . She's the voice in the SoFi ad song "Our Time".

  2. I like many of the new musicians.

    But, I really miss Ray Charles

  3. Amen. But I'm sure Brother Ray would like what this guy is up to. We did hear "Night Time Is the Right Time" last night. Here is what Batiste said once about one of his favorite records:

    Ray Charles, "I Believe to My Soul"

    "On this track, Ray’s singing everything from the background vocals to the lead—it was the first time anybody had overdubbed like that. I also love this thing Ray does where he sings a phrase over and over and then it drops into a groove. He does that thing better than anybody. You hear that, and it’s like, ’Wow, I really feel you, man.’ If someone was like, ’I want to hear that thing Ray Charles does with his voice,’ I’d play this song. He’s got that thing, man."

    1. My favorite is "Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music"... They released a Vol 2...stuff that didn't make it to the first release. Every track is a gem...

    2. And they were daring records, particularly the first one. "What the hell is he doing?"

    3. Candy Necklace with Lana Del Ray.


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