"Let's fail harder"

I see that Chevy Vega is on TV telling her side of the story about why you're not able to get an ambulance in Portland when you need one. She's going to keep fighting with the ambulance company, because that's working so well.

If the ambulance people are not living up to their end of some contract, why doesn't the county just fire them and hire somebody else? Is there anybody else? 

Meanwhile, Grandpa, you darn well better learn how to work the Uber app, because that's probably how you're going to the emergency room when the time comes.


  1. I had to use an ambulance last year in Washington County. I think they use the 1 + 1 approach, and it seemed fine. Now, I was not in a life or death situation, but let's use some common sense in staffing the ambulances.

  2. And fighting with the other commissioners at public meetings!
    ChevyVega should be fired!

    1. I don't usually think much of recalls, but in her case it's warranted. Clearly the wrong choice for that job.

  3. First off, stop the two paramedics per rig rule. Most places don’t do that, as it’s not needed. A paramedic and an EMT driving is the standard.

    Secondly, Portland Fire and Gresham Fire need to take over EMS service in the county. While it won’t be a big moneymaker, EMS services will cover the costs, with a little bit left over. It’s a proven model in many places, even elsewhere in Oregon.

  4. Who’s the $ behind Vega?
    Meieran was the only vote I felt solidly ‘good’ about as a candidate, but also bad knowing it was probably nowhere close.

    Often, as I get older, I find myself still hostile to the Rene Gonzales’ of the world/creep self-dealer with kids in eastmoreland, but on the practical side, if people need a gross guy like him to drag them kicking & screaming & blame rather than someone else, ok?

    That said, if we got someone like John Tory (LOL that’s literally his name and face?) of Toronto, who’s well established, not hostile to non-car-centric trsnsit if they make maintenance and financial sense, but not afraid to trim the fat of no-talent hacks, I’d be fine with that too?
    Idk that that dynamic could work in Portland?

    I’m no Tory, but with someone like him, you know what you’re getting/I don’t think he’s likely to outright shoot you if you’re on the labor side of things, isn’t totally old and senile?

    How quaint and silly he resigned over an adult consensual affair.

    The ex-cop who turns out better than expected (Tom Potter) or the established business man, lawyer & media guy (Tory) that follows the awful crack-smoking suburbanite (Rob Ford) you get after political maneuvering to be subject to awful suburban voters in the 1998 amalgamation there or on the SEPTA transit board in Philadelphia of suburbanites that don’t use it that use it as a stepping stone/revolving door job, but following Rob Ford isn’t bad?

    It’s really a tight race for who’s worse of our various layers of broader than city of Portland chairs? Vega or Lynn Petersen? Say what you will about Kotek, she may be the least-worst of the 3?

    Meieran & Betsy Johnson get to sit on the sidelines lines of the Regina Georgian mean-girls club, I guess?

    I see a lot more fire paramed units & no fire on the move & scanner these days?
    Anecdotal, but ‘coincidence, I think not(?totally?)’?

  5. I guess all I’m saying is you’re more likely to get some actual police reform, cost trimming, transit that vaguely works & attraction of a little talent with the Tom Potters, Betsy Johnsons & John Torys or the world…

    …if they can even be found &/or want the job?

  6. Somewhere I read that power corrupts rational thinking.

  7. Multnomah County (and City of Portland) have a strong mix of arrogance and incompetence in their elected leaders. For whatever reason, the voters seem to like that combination, so it's unlikely to change.

  8. With the influx of libs running away from the hell-holes they created- California and New York in particular, it's no wonder we have a hell hole here. There was already way too many idealists (nice word for socialists), but a much better balance. Vera Katz (New Yorker) was the tipping point of no return. She and her ilk started all this mayhem- we just couldn't see it at the time.

    1. Vera was actually a pretty good mayor. Maybe a little odd perhaps, but she ran a tight ship. The people in charge during the last 10 years or more have had no spine, and have been caricatures of the worst kind.

  9. Not to forget Mildred Schwab and Neil Goldschmidt's quirky contributions.


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