I caught it on a walk tonight. So, so faint, but there it was. I stopped and went back to make sure. Yes, that was it, the first whiff of winter-blooming daphne.


  1. Have some outside my front door. Always a pleasant enjoyable surprise. Wish it lasted longer

    1. Ours have been pretty temperamental. Eventually a "silver thaw" or two has wiped them out. But if you get lucky and find them a location they like, they can really get going. And they make for some fine Februarys and Marches while they're around.

  2. Daphne

    Why do you follow me?—
    Any moment I can be
    Nothing but a laurel-tree.

    Any moment of the chase
    I can leave you in my place
    A pink bough for your embrace.

    Yet if over hill and hollow
    Still it is your will to follow,
    I am off;—to heel, Apollo!
    -Edna St.Vincent-Millay


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