Half a billion is just the start

I see the Oregon state health department released a paper the other day that concluded that the state needs 3,000 more beds for adult addiction and mental health treatment. The price tag to get them set up is $500 million. That doesn't include the cost to staff them.

Well, of course we need them. We also need thousands of shelter beds and jail beds, too, if we're ever going to make headway against the tragedy and filth on the city streets. It doesn't take a consultant's study and months more of meetings to see that. Oregon needs a moonshot, or two.

But what will we get? The fools and weasels in the legislature will spend our millions on handouts to developers and nonprofits to build housing projects. As if the people in the gutters were ready for housing. And not a penny to crack down on dope dealers. It's all such a scam.

Oregon is one of the craziest and most drugged-out places in the country right now. Free apartments for the insane are not the answer.


  1. “Craziest” says it all!

  2. A good way to organize a scam is to promote a solution to a problem you’ve created

  3. And we tend to blame the victims of this mess because they are so visible in our faces. I would take the F-ng stupid climate fund and start there. Next fire all the equity/diversity folks, or give them new jobs of walking the streets and finding out who the Hell is out there. My understanding is that they have never done any serious outreach.


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