Death of a clown

Not everybody "got" Richard Lewis, but I sure did. His was comedy, but it was also somehow drama. Mania, really. One of a kind. A kid from Englewood. A toast to his life is in order.


  1. Most of the current comedians are afraid to offend. I hope it’s not a trend.

  2. Richard was so beyond that. It was as if his thoughts had to come out, damn the consequences. With Johnny, with Dave, he just let it flow. They were great hosts who let him go just far enough. Special moments.

  3. Richard was superb from the get-go and didn’t stop. It was like he couldn’t. Went through a lot. A true artist. In the pantheon of great comics. And thoughtful & kind. He was amazing.

    Thanks for remembering him here, Jack.

  4. Given the most recent season of Curb with him in the golf cart arguing with fictionalized/exaggerated Larry David over his will, that’s a bit on the nose?

    Heart attack…

  5. Aww that's where I grew up too. Thanks for the laughs, man.


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