Under the rug go the juicy parts

When the weasels wait until Friday to dump the news they don't want you to notice, it's disgusting. But when they do it on the Friday between Christmas and New Year's, well, that's just downright evil.

And that's apparently what happened with the news that federal prosecutors are permanently dropping charges of campaign contribution crimes against Crypto Boy, Sam Bankman-Fried. The prosecutors revealed this move in a letter to a federal court filed late last Friday.

Something like this happened over the summer, and I wrote about it here. The implausible story at that time was that they couldn't prosecute SBF on the campaign finance charges because he wasn't properly extradited from the Bahamas. Now the story has changed to an assertion that the public needs for the FTX criminal proceedings to be over.

Really? He hasn't even been sentenced yet. The guy's appeal of his conviction hasn't even gotten started.

The whole thing absolutely reeks of coverup and corruption. It's especially disturbing to us here in Oregon, where SBF gave a cool half-million in campaign dough to the Democratic Party in a deal apparently brokered by Senator Ron "Gatsby" Wyden's people. When the facts about that transaction were revealed last year, various big-name Oregon Democratic politicians searched around in their sofa cushions and gave it all back.

Now the details of what went on will never be made public in a court of law. The other crypto kids and the tighty righties are screaming bloody murder about it. I have no use for most of those folks, but on this one, they're absolutely right.


  1. Someone’s going to dig the dirt and publish it in spite of the libel/slander implications. Sadly, it won’t move the political needle in our local swamp

    1. A blogger named Jeff Eager got most of the original dirt on the Oregon angle. But the local media here will hardly touch it because it's Wyden. They're determined that he will receive the same undeserved sainthood that they bestowed on Hatfield.

  2. They claim there is some kind of "strong public interest in a prompt resolution," but he was arrested less than a year ago. And his fraud trial is over and done with. That's like record time. I'm sure no one has any idea how the public might suffer if DOJ were to take whatever time is necessary to try the campaign finance and bribery charges. As the letter said, most of the evidence has already been presented at the first trial. If it takes a year to reach a verdict in this one, would people be rending their clothes in the streets? I personally have not suffered any anguish over a lack of resolution thus far, and I'm willing to wait for it to play out. As is everyone else, except these prosecutors who maybe, just maybe, are being pulled up short because powerful people will be implicated.

  3. Wyden is number 7 on getting money from AIPAC and he still couldn't resist getting his hands in the cookie jar. Of course they dropped the charges. Oh and Jeffery Epstein killed himself.

  4. I'm going to bet $1 that there's a strong association between Wyden's "Wonder Investor" son and SBF.

  5. I would bet that Sam wasn’t tossing money around out of political idealism. I bet he looked at his political contributions as bribes to insure future performance.


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