Trouble in the complex, cont'd

I see that prosecutors are reportedly investigating alleged embezzlement at a Portland nonprofit called Alberta Main Street. That organization's 2022 filing with the IRS shows an unusual $64,000-plus payout of cash, and the media say that's what the state is looking into. There's no mention of a name in the news stories, but for whatever it's worth, the IRS form shows that the money was paid on June 30, 2022 to Devon Horace, listed on the form as the organization's president. That's apparently this guy.

Of course, the G-men may be "investigating," but that doesn't mean anything meaningful is going to happen. Heck, the state Justice Department has supposedly been "investigating" suspected misdeeds at another Portland nonprofit, Brown Hope, for 13 months now. The guy running that shop, Cameron Whitten, shows up on the organization's website as if nothing ever happened. And I see he still says they're going to be handing out a "guaranteed income" to poor people of their choosing. Any day now.

There are so, so, so many of these outfits floating around in Portland. You can just imagine how much money is being mishandled in one way or another. Including plenty of public money.


  1. Alberta Main Street had been an upright, responsible 501(C)(3) organization until Mr. Horace took over the board presidency in June 2021. He duped the board and altered business records to hide his misdeeds. The justice system is working its magic now so let's see what the outcomes are.


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