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Keep on rockin' in the Free World – Jannik Sinner of Italy beat Daniil Medvedev of Russia in the Australian Open men's singles tennis tournament overnight. Medvedev won the first two sets easily, but then he tired, and Sinner took advantage, coming on strong to take the last three sets. The crowd was in the Italian's corner, and they loved both the drama and the result.

It was the second time Medvedev has lost in the Aussie Grand Slam final after winning the first two sets. No one's ever suffered that indignity twice before.

But he was burnt out. He looked a little green in the gills even at the start of the match. His path to the finals had been grueling, whereas Sinner had dispatched his opponents handily. Two weeks of five-set matches will wear anyone out, and it certainly did the Russian. He came out throwing roundhouse punches, and they landed pretty hard for an hour and change. But he couldn't keep it up for five sets. He was six points away from sweeping the match before it began to slip away.

So now Sinner, 22, has a major tournament title under his belt, just like Medvedev, 27. The very top seeds were sent home home a little early, and the guys who got the hardware have a lot to be proud of. Not to mention the $3.1 million prize for the winner and the $1.7 million for second place. That ain't hay.

Now we muck around on hard courts and clay of many colors until things get really serious again at the French Open around Memorial Day. One of these years, if I ever have some dough fall into my lap, I'm going to follow these rich kids around the world and watch them play.


  1. I went to the French Open once a few years ago. It was fun, but of course you can see more on TV.


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