Nothing to see here, folks

Wow. Just wow.

United Airlines said Monday that it has found loose bolts on door plugs of several Boeing 737 Max 9 planes during inspections spurred when a panel of that type blew off during an Alaska Airlines flight at 16,000 feet last week.

How does the CEO of Boeing still have a job?

Dave Calhoun

If my buddy Bill McDonald were still around, I'm sure he'd have some jokes about this ready when the time is right. How many Boeing workers does it take to screw in a door plug? Or something much funnier. But for now, this episode is no joking matter. It's hair-raising.


  1. As with most things the cover up and excuse making are worse than the original problem…

  2. i didn’t know Bill died in early 2022!

    1. I consider myself lucky to have been his friend. We had a lot of laughs together.

  3. This is what happens when you let venture capital (sharks in suits) do leveraged buyouts of companies and then force the bought company to finance the deal. Cuts have to be made. Look what happened to the mattress business when that happened (Bain Capital)- they got rid of two-sided mattresses.


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