"Mission" theater

The dangerous clowns who take over Portland streets to act up in their cars were really at it over New Year's weekend. 

[S]treet racers took over intersections across all corners of Portland and residents hid in their basements to escape the noise. 

Tensions ran high at Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard and 20th Avenue when a gun was fired. Video showed crowds of people running in the opposite direction; shortly after, police showed up and were seen handcuffing someone on the ground.

At least the new police chief is doing something about it, in stark contrast with his utterly worthless predecessor, Chuck Love L. This time around, the cops went on one of their "missions" and actually enforced some laws – a rarity.

Portland police officers spent 10 hours each night disrupting these events as part of a street takeover mission this weekend, which led to 19 arrests and 13 citations. Police recovered seven firearms, and 21 vehicles were towed.

“I am beyond impressed by the work of our officers during this important mission,” Portland Police Chief Bob Day said. “Street racing and street takeover events are extremely dangerous and negatively impact our neighborhoods. I remain committed to conducting additional missions that will improve safety and livability in our community.” 

Oh, and D.A. Mikey went on a ride-along and issued a tough-guy statement. It's amazing what happens when his job is on the line and polls say his days are numbered.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who joined PBB's mission on New Year's Eve, said he "saw firsthand just how dangerous and disruptive street racing and street takeover events are to businesses, pedestrians, and other traffic.” 

He added that with the passage of SB 615 and updated police policies, those who participate in street takeovers could lose their vehicle. 

"We will now be able to use criminal forfeiture of these vehicles as part of the prosecution process. The message is clear: If you engage in illegal street racing and street takeovers, you will face criminal penalties, including the permanent loss of your car," Schmidt said. 

How precious. With Mikey, all of a sudden "the message is clear." Ha! Ha! I've got a message for him. Let's hope he spends next New Year's Eve celebrating his return to the private sector.

I wish that the cops would consider themselves on a "mission" every day. Instead, when they enforce shoplifting laws and laws against street takeovers, they act like it's some sort of big deal. But at least they're finally taking action on these problems, which is a big change from the last three years of Chuck Love telling us "We don't have anyone available right now" and "It's too dangerous."

Now let's see if anybody follows up on those 19 arrests and 13 citations. Or whether Tough Guy Mikey and the county judges let everybody walk, as usual.


  1. i am willing to keep an open mind about Chief Day. however, i was a bit skeptical about some of his early pressers when he took the line, “i just got here”, despite the fact he has been with the PPB since 1990, including stints as deputy chief and assistant chief.

  2. Former Chief Love L was so in over his head from day one. It was a terrible knee jerk reaction appointment by Mayor Dud.

    What’s really weird to me is that he’s sticking around at PPB and is now the Assistant Chief of Community Services. I guess it’s similar to former Chief Jami Resch sticking around until she left the PPB about a year ago to become Deputy Chief in Springfield, OR.

  3. So he's managed to achieve becoming a district attorney in a major US city, and he didn't know that dumbasses doing cookies in the middle of intersections with a bunch of pedestrians standing around is dangerous?

    Every time I saw one of the "Portland is a Schmidt Show" billboards I kinda laughed. Now I'm sad because it's verifiably true.

  4. My ass is so old I can remember when kids from the burbs came to downtown to showoff their real race cars (60s - 70s muscles cars) down SW Broadway without much impunity whatsoever. It was considered a "rite of passage" then. No one had their car impounded. If the DA is doing that now, that would be an improvement. So quit blaming him and get someone with an IQ to monitor social media (back in my day it was "word of mouth") and take care of it in real time. Pointing the finger at the political gaming at PPB and the DAs office is stupid when my grandma could have solved this if she was still alive. To PDX Stolen Cars: how about "PDX Stop Street Racing Now"? You guys are kicking ass and have a future while local government is definitely at a standstill.


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