Ladies and gentlemen, the Supremes!

Well, the U.S. Supreme Court is about to tell us whether a city needs to come up with a new shelter bed every time a drug addict gets off the bus from somewhere else. The infamous Grants Pass decision by the Ninth Circuit, which says a municipality can't enforce a vagrancy ordinance unless it has enough open shelter beds for every single homeless person in town, has just been selected for the High Court's review, to take place over the next several months. They should have a decision by the end of June.

Not that the bobbleheads running local government on the West Coast are actually going to clean their places up, no matter what they are allowed to do. But if the Supreme Court reverses the Ninth Circuit, the polticians will have one less curtain to hide behind.


  1. With the Court as politicized as it has become, I would expect them to uphold the decision by whatever mental gymnastics are required just to continue the pain in Blue population centers. Texas, Florida, and other Red controlled states seem to have figured out that shipping their problems to other states works wonders for their polling results and budgets.

    1. Those states are not shipping their "problems", they are just sharing the joy of hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings (run by the Mexican cartels) to Sanctuary cities- which are faithfully proving their hypocrisy. We have a completely different issue here, we are a sanctuary state for drug abuse.


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