It's 33 degrees somewhere

When Portland gets an ice storm, which is once a year or so, the end of it invariably involves waiting impatiently for the temperature to rise above freezing. It's an edgy wait, because at any moment before the air reaches the melting point, the power could go out, for who knows how long.

The thaw always takes longer than the weather people think, especially northeast of downtown. One year they kept telling us "any hour now" as it dragged out over four days.

You don't really need to watch the thermometer, because when the magic moment comes, everything starts dripping. Like the man said, it's science.

Right now the weather apps on the phone are reading 32 degrees, but on the front porch here at Blog Central it's 29.6 and climbing ever so slowly. There's a substantial sheet of ice on everything, and it's going to be with us for hours. With any luck, we'll get normal life back by the end of the day.

UPDATE, 12:05 p.m.: At last!

UPDATE, 12:30 p.m.: Jinxed it! No more celebratory posts.


  1. Been over 32 here on the west side for 6 hours. Doubt that the ice will go away before tomorrow morning Glad I’m not east of 205

  2. It’s only 33 nearly everywhere north of Wilsonville and tomorrow won’t offer much relief…maybe Saturday????

    1. It's 32.9 here. Frustrating but better than 31.9.

  3. There is only one weather person in town that is worth watching and that is Mark Nelsen at KPTV-12. Everyone else isn’t worth watching. Zaffino at KGW8 just looks bored and doesn’t put any effort into his forecasts. Salesky at KATU2 is a very poor forecaster (has been that way for his whole career, even back in his KGW mornings “Weekend Ho!” days) and pretty much just phones it in. Natasha Stenbock at KOIN still seems lost when talking about our region, and makes huge errors. Nelsen seems to really love his job and has a major passion for PNW weather. His quality forecasts, excellent weather blogs, and interesting weather podcast really sets him apart.


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