It never stops

Just what Oregon needs, another tax! A statewide property tax, supposedly for "public safety," but money's fungible and they'll move the shells around so that the extra dough goes to the developers, the construction goons, the nonprofit industry, or God-knows-who. And it won't be restricted by the constitution.

Could it happen? The state legislature will be in session soon; no one's money is safe while they're open for business. And there's been a draft bill floating around on this all month. You can read it here. Scary stuff.

If you have an actual life, it's never been clearer: They want you out.


  1. Looks like ALL property not just one’s abode; cars, boats, RV’s, farm equipment, and who knows what else…will inspectors enter one’s homes and businesses to assess personal and business “property”?
    And no place is there a rate of assessment.
    Time to write to your state rep and senator to oppose this outrage!
    This must be stopped NOW!

  2. My bad…there is a rate of $.25 for every $1,000. That will add up fast!

  3. Tyranny. When’s Robin Hood going to surface and save us?

  4. The toothless old men of Portland will apologize when forced to ask for a begging bowl

  5. It's DOA with the voters, no different from a sales tax in that regard. I doubt it passes the referral process.

  6. Sorry Ill try again
    Lou Frederick and Kayse Jama filed Senate Joint Resolution 26 (SJR 26) which would permanently abolish the Oregon Kicker .

    Because if you over pay your taxes, they believe you should not receive your refund.

    They want your refund.

    1. The kicker has nothing to do with anyone over paying their taxes. The kicker is about the difficulty of predicting revenue in advance and a stupid “Starve the Beast” mentality. The kicker should be abolished and the money sent to Oregon Revenue for dedication to our underfunded public pension systems.

  7. Keep voting Dims, keep getting more taxes. Rinse repeat.

  8. does taxable personal property include financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and the like? How about my dog? to me, she's priceless, perhaps the state assessor would value her the same way.


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