Here are the Week 18 underdogs

Here we are, in the last week of the regular season for the Big Daddies of American pro football. As always in the final week, for some of the teams the contests are meaningless; for some, the entire season is on the line; and for the rest, a win or a loss might give them better playoff seeding or a better position in the upcoming rookie draft. Like the man says, go figure! It's a lot for the gamblers to be processing. Not to mention the officiating, which seems to get more questionable with each passing week.

Our charity underdog game isn't over after this round of games. We play through the first three weeks of the playoffs. But the spreads get smaller and the choices fewer as the rest of the drama rolls on.

Here's the last big slate of games for the year, with the underdogs, as always, in caps:

13  WASHINGTON vs. Dallas

6.5  CLEVELAND at Cincinnati

5.5  CAROLINA vs. Tampa Bay

5.5  TENNESSEE vs. Jacksonville

5  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Philadelphia

3.5  BALTIMORE vs. Pittsburgh (Saturday, 1:30 p.m. PST)

3.5  LOS ANGELES RAMS at San Francisco

3  ARIZONA vs. Seattle

3. ATLANTA at New Orleans

3  CHICAGO at Green Bay

3  KANSAS CITY at Los Angeles Chargers

3  MIAMI vs. Buffalo

3  MINNESOTA at Detroit

2.5  DENVER at Las Vegas

2.5  NEW YORK JETS at New England

1.5  INDIANAPOLIS vs. Houston (Saturday, 5:15 p.m. PST)

Players, if you want a Saturday game as your main or backup pick, all your picks for the week are due by the kickoff time of your earliest game. All other picks are due at 10:00 a.m. PST Sunday. All picks must be sent to

Our latest standings are here. Good luck to all the 'dognosticators!