Here are our players' Week 20 underdog picks

The Big Daddies of American pro football are down to their Elite Eight. That means the players in our charity game had only four underdogs to choose from this week. And here is what they said:

9.5  GREEN BAY at San Francisco - Beakie, Linda, Mojo, Oredogger, Annie B.

9  HOUSTON at Baltimore - SteveO, Air, Meow, pdxTrojan, andypdx, Bad Picker

6.5  TAMPA BAY at Detroit - Kosar19,  Stephen F., Man Without a Plan, Shoeshine Boy, Gordon, JC

Nobody selected the chihuahua:

2.5  KANSAS CITY at Buffalo

Our standings are here. The race is still on for the top three spots. Things can still happen. Good luck, players, on this next-to-last week!

UPDATE, 4:40 p.m.: Houston was not successful.

UPDATE, 11:15 p.m.: Green Bay gave themselves a good chance, but failed.

UPDATE, overnight Sunday night: Tampa Bay failed, and so our standings remain unchanged. Kansas City won, but without import in our game. Final lines will be posted on Tuesday.