Here are our players' Week 18 underdog picks

With nine players, you can call it a novena.

It's the regular-season finale for the Big Daddies of American pro football today. The players in our charity underdog game have perused the provocativity of the slate of gridiron tussles and arrived at the following conclusions:

13  WASHINGTON vs. Dallas - SteveO, King of Kings, Beakie, J-Dawg, Dangerruss, Vegasbaby5, Annie B., Natterjack Toad, andypdx

6.5  CLEVELAND at Cincinnati - Linda, PDXilein Omaha, JC, Meow, Kosar19, Oredogger, Gordon

5.5  CAROLINA vs. Tampa Bay - pdxTrojan, Stephen F.

5.5  TENNESSEE vs. Jacksonville - Mojo, Bad Picker

5  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Philadelphia - Man Without a Plan

3.5  LOS ANGELES RAMS at San Francisco - Shoeshine Boy

3  KANSAS CITY at Los Angeles Chargers - Beaver Believer, Air

Nobody picked:

3.5  BALTIMORE vs. Pittsburgh (Saturday, unsuccessful)

3  ARIZONA vs. Seattle

3. ATLANTA at New Orleans

3  CHICAGO at Green Bay

3  MIAMI vs. Buffalo

3  MINNESOTA at Detroit

2.5  DENVER at Las Vegas

2.5  NEW YORK JETS at New England

1.5  INDIANAPOLIS vs. Houston (Saturday, unsuccessful)

Our latest standings are here. After today, we continue through three weeks of the playoffs. The top three players in our standings at the end of those three rounds steer money to their favorite charities.

Good luck today, players!

UPDATE, 3:00 p.m.: Mojo and Bad Picker each score 5½ with Tennessee.

UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: More scoring with the Giants, the Rams, and Kansas City. Nobody's on the night game; revised standings shortly.