In case you missed it over the holidays, Portland's woes were profiled in the London tabloid The Sun last week. And although they tried their best to sensationalize it, they basically just told the truth.

The whole thing is here, but don't click looking for amusement. Unlike a lot of that kind of journalism, you won't get a single laugh out of the article.

Okay Portland, we're now known worldwide as the poster child for what not to do about drug addiction. People are coming from around the world to witness. We're sort of a reverse Portugal in that regard. I guess we should look on the bright side; it's all that's left of tourism around here.

But for some reason the political bobbleheads on the left, who run the state and especially the Portland area, still don't get it. Kate Lieber, the big-shot state senator, remains "torn" about decriminalizing hard street drugs, apparently. For her, and many others on the government pad in Oregon, being tabloid trash is not a problem.


  1. One year ago I moved out of the city I had lived in for 75 years. I am now 30 minutes and a million miles away from this festering sore called the City of Roses that had daily made me sick to my stomach. I no longer have any reason to enter the tri-county area and am so relieved. Life is good out here. Do your own due diligence and you will find a spot that fits.

  2. From the most livable city to the least likable in a few short years. Good job all you do nothing do gooders.


    1. Yes, that's linked in this post. Click on "here" just below the photos.

  4. Portland's didn’t turn a blind eye to open drug use. The instigators canonized the concept.


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