Same crap, different year

I see that Portland's odd couple, Mayor Dud Wheeler and County Chair Jessica Chevy Vega, held a media event yesterday to announce the good news that yes, the completely worthless "joint office" that's been mismanaging Portland's drug and tent camping disaster is being extended for another three years. The two chief bobbleheads got all styled up for the cameras, and tearing herself from the mirror for a moment, Chevy Vega broke out her word salad shooter and fired away.

“These new approaches to how we work together will change lives, our streets and our community. The framework we unveil today will dramatically enhance the partnership and coordination of our homelessness response across departments, bureaus and providers and get us truly aligned in dealing with the crisis on our streets,” said Chair Vega Pederson. 

Was anything new revealed? Nah. With problems many years in the making and in full-blown crisis mode for four or five years now, these people are still at the "framework" stage. Oh, and there are more committees, populated by the likes of Julia Photo Op and Chainsaw Rubio.

The proposed new governance structure — called the “Homelessness Response System” — would consist of three committees: a Steering and Oversight Committee, an Implementation Committee, and a Community Advisory Committee.

Voting members on the Steering and Oversight Committee would include the Multnomah County Chair, the Portland Mayor, a designated County Commissioner, a designated City Commissioner, and a designated elected leader from an East County city.

The oversight committee, which would meet every other month, would set strategies and key performance indicators; monitor progress and performance toward goals; ensure alignment of jurisdictional investments toward strategies and performance; adjust annual goals at the completion of each year and assess strategies based on performance; and review audits of the various components of the Homelessness Response System.

The voting members would be joined by a handful of non-voting members engaged in homelessness, health and housing policy work.

The oversight committee would receive support from an Implementation Committee and a Community Advisory Committee....

County Commissioners Julia Brim-Edwards and Lori Stegmann are serving on a shelter strategy steering committee with City Commissioners Carmen Rubio and Dan Ryan. 

I hope Moonlight Beason's not too busy to jump in on this.

Oh, and from the O we learn that Vega is still hellbent on giving out a free tent and tarp, paid for by the taxpayers, to every junkie who gets off the bus in Portland:

Most imminently, Vega Pederson vowed that the agency and its contractors will continue to hand out tents and tarps to unhoused people this winter. She said it is a “humanitarian response” intended to keep people alive.

So, executive summary, it's the same old, same old, maybe worse. Portland certainly has gotten the government it deserves.


  1. O brave screwed world,
    That has such people in’t.

  2. Is it at all possible to recall Vega? She really needs to go quickly

    1. It would take approximately 70,000+ signatures (legally 54,907) to get a recall campaign legally going. To get these signatures you'd want to hire a signature canvassing company, with price per signature being somewhere between $2.50 to $7.50. That would put us at $500k, ballpark. From there we'd need an advertising/PR budget, and the general rule of thumb is to match the same cash was used for signature gathering, so an addition $500k for PR/administration.

      Think of this as less of a signature gathering campaign and instead more of a fund-raising campaign.

      But even if we removed JVP and went into a special election, there'd be 10 other dolts lined up to take her place.

      We don't need to just replace her, we need to convince a bunch of mentally ill voters to just vote in their own best interest. We can't buy that.

  3. Well her comments are something akin to a Chevy Vega. It might look good in the showroom to a few impressionable (and cheap) buyers, but the remorse starts quickly once the reality kicks in.

    These politicians must all use the same AI program to come up with these word salad statements and speeches. Either that or the writer is laughing while cranking them out, due to how preposterous they all are.

  4. Wow it's really serious - THREE committees. But will there be a committee to manage the committee?

  5. With word salad skills like that and a failure to even identify the problems and steps to solutions, she sounds like Vice President material...


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