Red flags posted

Up until now, I've watched Nikki The Budget Accountant™ with amusement. "I was Donald Trump's ambassador to the U.N.!" Okay, dear. I saw her as out on the far right edge of normal.

But last night, she went over that edge, way over, crossing into downright scary. Maybe the clenched jaw and all the teeth had something to do with it, but a lot of what was coming out of her mouth was disturbing.

Haley... touted how she first ran as a Tea Party candidate more than a decade ago in addition to her anti-abortion views, targeting social media sites and her emphasis on parent's rights....

Haley was asked about Trump calling for another so-called Muslim ban that could restrict travel to the U.S. from Muslim-majority countries. She avoided criticizing her former boss directly, but said as president she wouldn't support "a straight up Muslim ban."

"It's not about a religion," Haley said. "It's about a fact that certain countries are dangerous and are threats to us."...

She proposed getting foreign money out of universities, including anti-Zionism in the definition of antisemitic and pushed for a ban on TikTok which she said is spreading hateful messaging.

She may not be a spray-tan dictator-wannabe, but that's close enough for me. Whoa, Nellie.


  1. Everybody is trying to out totalitarian themselves these days.

  2. Some campaign issues work every time and some don’t. It amazes me that the one’s that don’t work continually try to get traction.

  3. I am a non-voting conservative. In fact, the last time I voted for a President I think that it was for Ralph Nader. I am anti-gun, non-religious, and don’t care one way or the other about abortion.

    But it is foolish to turn a blind eye to the plethora of problems that plague this country right now. Most of them were self-inflicted and not caused by the Nikki Haley’s of the world.

    But she is a big pile of nothing, I give you that.


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