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I see the O has an op-ed today from a regional chamber of commerce, telling us all to stop saying bad things about Portland. The author is named Monique Claiborne, and she runs something called Greater Portland Inc., which describes itself as "the only regional public-private partnership dedicated to creating and expanding jobs and driving tangible regional prosperity. The organization is supported by public-sector partners, private investors and philanthropic groups throughout the region. GPI's service area includes Clark County and Skamania County in Washington, and Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Columbia County and Yamhill County in Oregon."

Claiborne gives us all quite a lecture about what to do and not to do as we observe the death rattle of the city. Included is this:

Recognize the damage that negative billboards cause and build support for a shared vision: In our ongoing efforts to revitalize and showcase the vibrant spirit of our beloved city, it is imperative that we address the multiple massive billboards paid for by the “People for Portland” organization that take aim at the city and our leaders. These towering billboards are increasingly shaping Portland’s identity, impacting a fragile ecosystem that is desperately trying to reinvent itself.

As someone involved in showing around prospective companies, I find myself actively avoiding the intersections adorned with these billboards. In our quest for a positive and inviting city atmosphere, it is essential to create an environment that fosters growth and innovation.

Poor, poor Monique Claiborne. Putting the lipstick on the pig is never easy. Today she joins the mayor, Dud Wheeler, on the grassy knoll near the motorcade of the truth.


  1. The idea that the billboards are what you need to avoid in Portland.

  2. 'Fund our marketing plan' That will solve all of Portland’d problems.

    "In the 2023 legislative session, Greater Portland Inc, the economic development entity for the Portland metro area, proposed funding for such a marketing plan, but it failed to pass. Recognizing the ongoing need for investment, Greater Portland Inc is approaching the Legislature again in 2024.”

    Let’s hope her genius marketing plan for Portland, unlike her op-ed, does not involve likening Portland to Detroit (Hello, undrinkable lead-tainted water!) and Puerto Rico (default on billions in bonds, bankruptcy, more than 1 in 10 people moving away).

  3. if her nonprofit was actually working to make Portland a nicer place to live, the billboards would go away on their own.

  4. Well the city wouldn’t have to “reinvent itself” if the people in charge didn’t find a way to wreck it in the first place. But it is apparently much easier to blame an inanimate object than the people that are actually, you know.......running the place. Makes sense to me!

  5. How does one avoid the apocalyptic graffiti on ALL the freeways, the dysentery poop, the plywood on the windows, needles and other drug garbage and all the tents druggies and crazies everywhere in downtown?
    And don’t take any form of public transit. And don’t park the rental car anyplace either!
    Billboards are NOT the problem!

  6. How much does Monique get paid to dish out this garbage? And how many tax & are being spent on this hopeless cause?

  7. “Rub, rub here. Rub, rub there. And a couple of la-dee-dahs….”

  8. What a maroon! She obviously wants the PforP billboards banned. It’ll be fun to read the contortions she’ll be willing to undergo to reconcile her position with free speech.

    The law school mascot could win that case blindfolded.

  9. No more billboards?
    No more glossy fliers in our clickbait short attention span limited # of eyeballs / clickbait economy? Would that be so bad? Including whatever these peoples (competing?) proposed glossy fliers?

    Idk that that’d be the *worst* thing, regardless of what’s on said billboards?
    I doubt they pay much in taxes or help small or local business all that much, to be honest?

    Billboards and marketing in general; we couldn’t handle it/have too much already?

    There was a S. American city that got rid of billboards and advertising in & on busses & trolleys?

    Just some helpful basic skill-based info (not on how to leech services, but how to *try* to navigate situations in basic low-tech ways yourself?) on busses & subways; no billboards & some pre WW2 pedestrian-oriented signs & awnings/development pattern? Problem?
    I’d be down For that?

    I honestly don’t know if advertising really works like it used to anymore?
    I don’t remember that many jingles of late…maybe that’s me getting senile / having no memory and less impressionable to new things?

    Sort of like conservative (& liberal, but waaay more $ if you take the right wing $) media…I don’t believe their viewer #s for the most part for those ‘journalist’ failsons on the welfare circuit…

    …*maaaaybe* for Tucker Carlson when he matched with the audience that still watches legacy TV I’m inclined to think he had pretty good/largely ballpark ‘within the realm of believable’ #s at his height until he (allegedly) got a little too close to Murdochs fiancĂ©e & got booted?

    Or got paid pretty well and *actually* got accepted at the CIA like he applied for previously…not that the deep state/CIA doesn’t have a tremendous influence on our media even if the don’t cut the checks directly or verbatim issue the material to publish always…

    WA you don’t see the graffetti on the freeway and arterial streets so much around puget sound proper, but there’s also no urban planning and Rough as the se Portland/felony flats self serve junkyard is, it’s nothing like Tacoma or Richmond/iron triangle for poverty/rough! They’ve just managed to silo it off & the car-centric main drags like like aurora/99 & wide streets in Lakewood look pretty much like a longer worse version of 82nd ave in a state with more $?

    So yeah, advertising, glossy fliers & scam calls & emails?
    Less please!?!

  10. The 2021 Form 990 for GPI shows Ms.Claiborne being compensated in excess of $220,000. Not too shabby.

    1. Correction. Should read $210k.

    2. The tax $$$ at “work”!

  11. She works hard to avoid showing prospective companies the billboards while driving past tents, tarps, garbage, graffiti and drug addicts smoking fentanyl. She concludes those prospective companies are not moving to Portland because of the billboards. She’s a genius.


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