Here are our players' Week 15 underdog picks

Today's the main day for this week's American pro football action, and the players in our charity underdog game have chosen thusly:

13.5  ARIZONA vs. San Francisco - Evil O

9.5  NEW ENGLAND vs. Kansas City - Beakie

8.5  NEW YORK JETS at Miami - Kosar19, Annie B., Meow, Stephen F., J-Dawg, SteveO, Gordon, Natterjack Toad

7  WASHINGTON at Los Angeles Rams - Linda, Vegasbaby5

6  NEW YORK GIANTS at New Orleans - King of Kings, Mojo, Air,  Oredogger, andypdx, Beaver Believer, PdxTrojan, Shoeshine Boy

5  DENVER at Detroit (Saturday, unsuccessful) - Man Without a Plan, PDXileinOmaha, Bad Picker

3.5  MINNESOTA at Cincinnati (Saturday, unsuccessful) - JC

3  LOS ANGELES CHARGERS at Las Vegas (Thursday, unsuccessful) - The Mortician

Lots of hopes on the boys from the Jersey swamps there. 

Nobody picked:

4  SEATTLE vs. Philadelphia (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PST)

3.5  CHICAGO at Cleveland

3.5  JACKSONVILLE vs. Baltimore

3.5  TAMPA BAY at Green Bay

3  CAROLINA vs. Atlanta

2.5  DALLAS at Buffalo

2.5  HOUSTON at Tennessee

2.5  PITTSBURGH at Indianapolis (Saturday, unsuccessful)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect all picks for the week. Gordon switched from Arizona to the Jets this morning at 9:07.

Our standings as the day begins are here. Good luck to the gamblers.

UPDATE, 5:58 p.m.: Skunked! None of our players score any points this week. It happens sometimes; the last regular-season week like that was Week 11 last year. The year before that, it was Week 14. 

The two New York teams scored six points between them today. Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Houston prevailed. Nobody's on the last two games. Players, see ya Tuesday.