Here are our players' Week 14 underdog picks

We're into Week 14 of our charity pro football underdog game. The days are getting shorter, and the regular season has but a month to go. (But we play through three weeks of playoffs, too.)

The players in our game have entered the following picks, predicting that their underdog (in caps) will win their game outright:

13.5  TENNESSEE at Miami (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PST) - Annie B.

10.5  SEATTLE at San Francisco - Beaver Believer, Evil O, Natterjack Toad

7.5  LOS ANGELES RAMS at Baltimore - SteveO, Shoeshine Boy, Mojo, Man Without a Plan, Bad Picker, Vegasbaby5

7  NEW YORK GIANTS vs. Green Bay (Monday, pick still due Sunday, 10:00 a.m. PST) - The Mortician, Meow, andypdx, Gordon, Stephen F.

6  NEW YORK JETS vs. Houston - J-Dawg, Kosar19

5.5  CAROLINA at New Orleans - Linda

3.5  PHILADELPHIA at Dallas - PDXileinOmaha, King of Kings, Howler

3  JACKSONVILLE at Cleveland - JC, Air

2.5  DENVER at Los Angeles Chargers - PdxTrojan, Beakie, Oredogger

Nobody chose:

6  NEW ENGLAND at Pittsburgh (Thursday, winner)

3.5  CHICAGO vs. Detroit

3  LAS VEGAS vs. Minnesota

2.5  BUFFALO at Kansas City

2.5  TAMPA BAY at Atlanta

1  CINCINNATI vs. Indianapolis

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post has been updated to show all picks for the week.

We've got two Monday night games this week for some reason, and so we won't have the full results nailed down until tomorrow night. But there are still a lot of points sloshing around in today's games.

Our latest standings going into this week are here. As always, we wish our experts the best of luck.

UPDATE, 2:40 p.m.: Jets win! Rams almost win. Carolina doesn't show.

UPDATE, 11:55 p.m.: Denver also scores for three of our players. Today J-Dawg gains ground but remains at no. 5. Oredogger moves into a tie for 10th. PdxTrojan moves into a tie for 14th. Beakie and Kosar19 are tied for no. 21. Full standings after tomorrow night's games.


  1. Ah, potato pancakes. Perfect for my favorite game today


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